Student Thank You Messages

Some Messages From Our Scholarship Recipients

I'm writing to thank you for the generous contribution you have made to my educational and academic pursuit.  In my family's current financial situation, I would not have been able to achieve my dream of attending college.  Because of your assistance, I will be able to attend Eastern Arizona College and will be given the opportunity to increase my knowledge and find the right path for my life. 

Someday when I am in a more stable financial situation, I hope to be able to help someone as you have helped me.  Thank you for graciously providing the help that I needed.

With sincere gratitude,

After visiting several college campuses, I believe that my best route will be to pursue a degree in automotive technology at Eastern Arizona College...  

I believe that college will definitely be a challenge for me both academically and emotionally, as this will be my first time living away from home.  College has not been a common thing in my family and without this scholarship I might have had to settle for on the job training or a job I don't really want to do...

Again, thank you so much for your generosity.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I am a single mom with a little boy who was diagnosed with autism. I would be unable to finish school if not for your generous scholarship. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I’ve wanted to be a nurse my whole life. Going to college has been a financial struggle for me, as it is with everyone I’m sure…It’s hard work being a full time student and trying to earn the money to survive. Scholarships are such a blessing that help give a peace of mind to you and helps you to focus more on your studies and education. And right now, education is my life! I love it! It’s wonderful, the things you learn, the doors that are opened to you when you become educated. I feel that receiving your scholarship will help m be a more focused student and I will become a better investment for your future. I will be an outstanding nurse that really cares, and helps people, to make their lives better.




Eastern Arizona College Foundation

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